Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VICTORY IS OURS! 10" of fresh in HUNTER!!

I kind of feel like Stewie from Family Guy... but seriously, victory is mine. And ours. We have received a WHOPPING 10" of powder. I could hardly believe the accumulation until walking over a footbridge with 10" of snow narrowly stacked atop its wooden rails.

I've been updating Twitter, our snow reports, website and other stats all day long and for those of you who missed it, we posted a few pics here and there on the website -- but Hunter has been slammed with crazy white-out conditions all day and it's tough to get good pics when it's snowing so hard!!

We had an amazing day today, and Wednesday is going to be KILLER! High of 29, mostly cloudy, and flurries continuing throughout the week. We've got two days of sunshine coming this weekend and we hope you'll join us!!

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