Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy Snow RIght Here, Right Now... more to come!

We've been watching the weather for the past few days, and we've got some serious snow coming. The data coming in on our Accuweather Pro service is telling us 3-5 FEET of snow in the upper elevations of the Catskills and the Adirondacks. NYC could get 1-2 feet, as well as the Poconos and outlying areas. There is not one storm coming, but two or three... our buddy and weather guru Joe Bastardi is FREAKING OUT!

NOAA indicates 4-8 inches tonight, and 3-5 inches tomorrow (Wednesday), with more snow and lower temps rolling in on Thursday. There's also a map of predicted snowfall through Wednesday night (the first two of the handful of storms) available

What does this mean? Outrageous amounts of fresh powder, obviously!! We'll keep you updated on the snow totals as the snow comes in -- check back here
and our Twitter feed for additional info blips. We've got a new video from this past weekend, as well, up on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/huntermountain!

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