Wednesday, February 24, 2010

22" of snow in Hunter Wednesday AM!

Good morning! I'm not able to update the top of our snow report page from my Blackberry so I'm updating y'all here. We received 22 inches of snow yesterday and overnight and from what I can see there is a lot more coming. The plows are working to clean up the parking lot and the roads are in surprisingly good shaper.

As of 7AM the power was out in Tannersville, which means email and web updates will be limited to what I can do on my Blackberry. Everything here is scheduled to run on time. 5-6 lifts and 51 trails today. Photos to come as soon as the Internet comes back!

It's a beautiful day here. And still snowing! We'll have an unbelievable weekend here...and for all you powder junkies...get up here!

Check back for another update in a few hours!

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