Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interweb returns / 30" this afternoon / Lift count for tomorrow

Aaaand we're back! That would be the Hunter Mountain interweb, which has been down all morning. So, here's the dilly. I made a sad attempt to snowshoe this morning, and ended up waist deep in powder. Not sure I would've gotten much farther with entire canoes on my feet. There is CRAZY snow, at least 3 feet, at the summit... if not more.

The Thursday storm seems to indicate the heaviest snow between 6am and 7pm (long time for heavy snow, huh?) We're slated to get 16-20". Keep in mind NOAA told us we'd get 4-8" last night, and we got 22". I can only imagine what their claimed 5-9" will bring us tomorrow!!

Some other blips of info:
1. Roads - the roads are awesome. Seriously. The county has taken amazing care of them, and I am impressed. I do drive a Subaru, but there are plenty people out and the roads were cleaned over and over all night last night... they will be in as good shape tomorrow.

2. Lifts - Lifts we plan to run for tomorrow (Thursday) are the Quad, B, C, GII, Z and Pony. Please be patient if they open a few moments late. There's a LOT of snow to clean out and we can only shovel so fast!!

3. Groomed/ungroomed - I took a ride up this morning, and I'll tell you that some of the areas do need some serious grooming. But the double diamonds have been left untouched, as well as at least 1/2 of our diamond trails. We know you guys love powder. We're just doing what we have to to make the unsafe areas safe.

4. If you think what we're telling you is a crazy propoganda ploy, I suggest you check our website, where I've uploaded a handful of new pics I took today into the flash roller. There's also a ton of info on Accuweather about what's going on, AND there's a new video en route to YouTube at

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Dmitri said...

Why don't the webcams refresh at all today? I am tired of staring at the same crowd next to the lift and two guys skiing down :)