Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Update - Lifts, Trails, Parking, etc.

Good morning campers!

Yesterday, Greene County issued a state of emergency and decided to close some roads on us for periods of time... there were power outages on the West Side... etc. But we woke up today to clean, wet roads (no snow, no slush), no wind, and no more heavy snow!

So here's the deal for Sunday:
- there are quite a few people who are more or less camping out in our parking lot. Dudes, we can't plow if your cars are there! We're hoping that by tonight everyone will have moved out of the parking lot so the entire lot can be spic & span. Until people move their cars, though, we will experience issues with snow in between cars/crooked spaces/etc. If you're parking there and decided to leave it in the lot (or have left it for the past few days *cough* grey BMW in my spot *cough*).... please move soon!
- there is power back on the West Side/Z-Lift. We will have Z-Lift running today... we just may open it a bit later than usual, but according to our Chief Engineer, power is not an issue, and our lifts have all been dug out... so it looks like we're good to go.
- please use caution & personal responsibility when driving through the lot. As I said, due to cars that have remained there for days, we're doing the best we can to keep it clean. Be careful and park responsibly. Once our lots are full, please understand that's it for us -- this isn't like Mountain Jam. We have no backup lots, due to SO much snow everywhere.

All in all, we're expecting 48 trails and 8 lifts today. Some lifts may open a bit late for obvious reasons. The main mountain face is running fine... but 7 feet is a lot of snow, folks. We're still digging out, and we will be for awhile. We're doing the best we can to operate to the best of our ability; due to the weather, the snow, the trees with weight on branches, the roads, we need to cooperate with many other entities that usually do not play a part in our operations.

We're trying to coordinate efforts with the county so that what happened yesterday does not happen today -- incredible traffic to the resort prevented emergency vehicles from being able to get here, which resulted in a temporary road closure. It's no longer snowing, and today is a new day.

Have fun & enjoy the powder. Thanks for your patience.

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Richard said...

Sunday was amazing. The lines were no longer than the usual "crowded" weekend ski day. West opened right at 9:30 (I waited for rope-drop) Bravo Hunter!