Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some random snowshoe info! Great day yesterday!

As I was working my way down a ravine yesterday, stepping over fallen tree branches in snowshoes (highly challenging I might add), it occurred to me that I should make everyone aware that there is snowshoeing available at Hunter Mountain! Snowshoeing is AWESOME, as it can be fast or slow, challenging or relaxed, walking or running, and there are endless opportunities throughout the Catskills for awesome snowshoe terrain.

While I did not see any other snowshoers yesterday in the Quad line or out and about, there are shoes available for rental and for purchase in our Sports & Expeditions Center... carry your snowshoes to the Quad and take the lift up! There are marked trails all over the place!

We went straight down the East Side, past the Rip Van Winkle statue and David's awesome industrial cactus (unfinished, photo to the left). Some beautiful views were had as well!

So, for more info on snowshoeing, check out the snowshoeing page at You can also download a trail map here. Next weekend: Hunter Mountain Fire Tower!

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