Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, February 27th, 2010....this day will be remembered for decades!!!

Good morning everyone....we had a little bit of a rough start this morning as we woke up to find the resort without power. But, Central Hudson worked fast and had us up and running in time to open. We all owe them some applause.

Another 10" tomorrow brings us up to just over 7 feet of snow since Tuesday evening. That's that did read 7 FEET! If you're sitting at home reading this and not on the mountain or in your car on the way....I have to ask....WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE? This is the biggest snow fall in that has hit Hunter Mountain since 1958.

The thru-way and the county roads are all in great condition. Everyone is here having a great time.

We've got 9 lifts ready for today and 52 trails....lots of fresh to find. Base temp is 31 degrees with a high of 34 today...white skies and some flurries....tomorrow is much the same. Amazing weather and epic conditions. You have to be here to believe what this looks like.

It's rare to see snowfall like this anywhere. Come and get it!

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