Sunday, December 17, 2006

What did you think??

Hey guys, I'm going to post a bunch of stuff tomorrow, I know there were quite a few people here at Hunter this weekend, so please let me know what you thought! We'd love to get some feedback -- I spoke to a few people who were really enjoying the slopes, and wanted to hear more!

Tomorrow we're going to release some news about snow blowing and other things, as the weather looks to be returning to cold, and we're excited! Check back soon! For those of you who don't know, please also check out the Pic of the Day here.

A few other things (you guys can hear it before everyone else!):
1. Monday and Tuesday ticket pricing: $50 adult + $15 voucher
2. the Quad, B & C lifts will be open
3. 19 trails will be open
4. Playcare is open by reservation only
5. Children's programs not offered during the week

That's it for now! Hope you all had great weekends!


Aaron said...

Conditions were great. Lots of great "spring" skiing and bumps :). I was really impressed with the coverage on the trails that were open. The only trail with thin coverage was Ike (which had great spring bumps). Well done, snowmakers!

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with how much snow was still around as well. Great soft snow and no lines on the F lift which I rode most of the day! All in all a very nice day considering the warm weather. That said, I'm looking forward to the return of cold weather. Nice job Hunter!

David said...

I was there Saturday and Sunday - very nice, considering the weather - must admit that I had expected there to be more snow from your machines than I saw but it didn't get in the way of my skiing.
I heard a rumour from someone there that it's supposed to rain next weekend so not sure what that will do .


Anonymous said...

I was pretty impressed on Sunday. I spent Saturday riding at Stratton and considering the warm temps I think you guys did a better job covering the trails. Spent pretty much the whole day on Hellgate (best conditions/no bald spots). Had so much fun.