Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hoping to open Monday, if weather cooperates!

Well, once again the weather isn't playing fair! We were hoping for it to get cold late Friday night, and its just starting to cool off this morning (Saturday.) With hopes to blow snow by this afternoon, we will not be opening on Sunday. We aim for a Monday opening, and with weather temperatures staying in the low 30's, it looks like we'll be able to blow snow straight through this week. Check back for more updates!


millerm277 said...

What trails other than Hellgate, 7th Avenue, Kennedy and 5th Avenue could we expect to see open for the weekend?

StephanieLacey said...

As long as the weather stays cold, they plan on blowing snow on belt park way, minya konka, and possibly madison. Hunter one will also be open in time for the weekend. Make sure to check back here through out the week for more updates and trail opening reports!