Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick Reminder about Conditions & News

In response to a number of frustrated e-mails I've received, I'm posting a reminder about ways to find out about what's going on here. This blog is not the only source of information, and will not be updated multiple times every single day.

Ways to find out what's going on:
1. Call the Snow Phone. I update the phone twice a day with condition reports. This has all the information you will need about conditions and weather.
2. Check the website. We have a listing of open trails and all condition reports listed on the phone. We will have terrain park listings when that opens, too.
3. There are new pictures posted on the website almost every day. The pictures are in the top of the page and change during your visit to the website.
4. Download the weekly Podcast. Podcasts are generally posted Thursday morning. They detail the events for the weekend.

As far as what's happening today, we just opened Belt Parkway, so we now have 5 trails open. For further information, call the Snow Phone. 1-800-HunterMtn option 1, then option 1 or 2. I'm going to post a few other things today, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jess! I think your updating the blog rather frequently...and along with the main Hunter site, there is plenty of info posted. thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates. I called the snow phone and whoever is doing the updates is not as fluid as those who have done them in the past. I realize the weather has probably stressed everyone out on the mountain but I thought I would provide a little feedback.

Jessica said...

Yeah...that's actually my voice. Thanks for the feedback. Regardless of what you feel about the sound of my voice, the information is still readily available. And if you're basing it on the one from 11:30 maybe you should call back and listen to the one that was supposed to be on there.

Anonymous said...

With all the snow there wasn't recently I was worried that SANTA was going to have a hard time. I see that is starting to change. Tell Bill G in ticket sales to get our Big Lift Cards out, We're going to Hunter tomorrow

Anonymous said...

The Snow phone is a little weak when Rob does it, as of yesterday, Tuesday, Rob was still reporting Saturday situation. It does get a little frustrating when the snow phone is days old. Jessica you do a great job. Gast season the snow phone was GREAT and I am sure it will be the same now that you are up & running.

Aaron said...


Personally, I find the condition information (blog, conditions page, pic of the day, etc) this year to be the best since I've been a season pass holder. I appreciate all the communication. Thanks.

Kody said...

any info on whether you guys will have any rails/boxes up for sunday? also any additional terrain?

Jessica said...

Well, this weekend I was at a conference in Maine and everyone else was all over the place...I generally update twice a day.

I apologize for that message being on there for so long. I can't really update it when I'm away, which is why Rob does it. He'll be updating it when I'm not available.

Thanks for the compliments people :) I am psyched that so many of you are enjoying this blog.

As for rails, there's a rail jam Saturday night but I'm not sure about any other features just yet.

gene said...

do you have a projected number of trails you will have open this weekend?