Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Podcast! 12-07-06

Hello hello, and hope you are all enjoying the updates! I just finished recording our latest Podcast, so feel free to download it by clicking on the Podcast icon below!


For an archive of all of Hunter's podcasts, go here. Enjoy and stay tuned for more 'cast news next week!


el cheep-o said...

Note: The News page says this weekend's tix are $59. That is a Holiday rate. Yet it posts normal weekend rates for Y. adult and juniors. Posted weekend rate is $57. It also says we will get a $10 coupon for next visit. Can both my junior son and I use our 2 big lift cars and still each get our -$10 coupon? Can we use the free big lift loaded tix and still get the -$10 coupons?

Anonymous said...

Will the biglift cards be valid for this weekend? Also any guess on how many trails are expected to be open by sunday??
I cant wait!!!

Jessica said...

Hey there, thanks for letting us know about the news page, we fixed it right after it was posted.

You can use your Big Lift cards this weekend but you will not receive a coupon. Technically the BL savings are more, so use it! Today we've got 17 trails, so I'm thinking the same for Sunday.