Saturday, December 09, 2006

Demo Weekend & Rail Jam...come hang out!

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend...we certainly are! People have been riding the demos since 8:30 this morning and we're looking forward to a second day of our demo weekend! See below for a small picture of some of the tents --

The park guys are out there setting up the new rails, too, so watch out! Tonight is going to be sweet...the guys from RadXSports are here hanging out, so if you do have to miss the 'jam, tune in at some point to catch some clips.

ALSO, the guys from AlpineZone made a little video yesterday when they stopped by to hit the slopes -- check it out! Thanks Greg, Jim & Doug!


Ski Bunny said...

Nice video! Thanks Alpine Zone guys!

Luis said...

Wow, that video made tears come out of my eyes wishing I was there! Heheheh, awesome.