Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today's Fabulous Weather!

We are experiencing awesome weather today. We've had flurries throughout the night, and this morning the day was blanketed with soft, big snowflakes. It recently stopped snowing (this post is as of 9:03am) and the sun is out.

Some of the trails still have guns on them, and we're hoping to blow all day if weather stays cold (don't worry, Hellgate and The Belt are clear...the guns are out of the way of people for the most part!) If you haven't headed up to Hunter yet, today is a great day to get out and ski or ride...everything is fresh groomed, there's new packed powder and fantastic conditions.

Here are some photos I took early this morning (click for larger versions):

We hope to see you all soon!


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news!!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys still blowin snow? wed. 8:34 pm

Dmitri said...

Why do Eisenhower and East Side Drive show up as open if they, in fact were closed for the last two days? We skied today and were confused by the wrong information.

Jessica said...

12:21am thurs, we are still blowing snow. Just drove past the mountain.

Eisenhower was closed mid-day on both days; the top of East Side is open technically, so we kept the 'open' on it -- there's no way for us to indicate what parts of what trails are open. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

have guys made snow in the terrain park? the conditions never said you were, but it looks like one of the dirt patches is now covered in one of the pictures.

Jessica said...

We're not planning to cut the pipe just yet, but I think they blew a bit over there. The rails are still up so everything looks really nice. No word yet on when more features will be added...we really could use some consistent weather!