Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're making snow!

We've been making snow for two nights in a row now, and blew all day on Tuesday, on East Side Drive and Way Out. We are unsure as to how much more snow we will be able to make, due to weather contraints; however, we will be reblanketing the open trails for the holiday week. When things quiet down a bit, I will snap a few photos and post them -- I also have photos of our new pipe cutter and some news to post, so check back before the weekend.

Please check the pic of the day for photos. Please also see this post as a reminder and for more information on what to expect from this blog.

Pic of the Day

The website is updated every day with conditions and weather information, as well as a picture. Please remember that when the blog is not updated, you can check the website. Please be understanding of the fact that I cannot always post every day.

Just so you know:
...We are open every day during the holiday week, 8:30am to 4pm.
...Tickets go on sale at 8am.
...Hunter One is expected to be open, totalling 17-20 trails open for visitors.
...Group, private lessons are available, as well as Playcare and other children's programs.
...Triple Peaks cards are on sale through Friday.

Hope to see you for the holidays!


DAvid Jameson said...

According to weather forecasts in New York (Lower Hudson), it's supposed to rain all weekend. Any idea whether that will impact conditions on the mountain?

Ted said...

Me and about 7 of my friends from the Moose Lodge come up to Hunter for our annual Ski Trip on the last weekend of January. Keep making that Snow becuase we're going to need it. Ohhhh Yeah!

Jessica said...

Alright, let me try and answer really can't rely on Accuweather or For example, Accuweather says it's raining up here. It's not raining. It's not even HUMID up here. It's breezy and 39 degrees, and they say it's pouring. We think we might get some freezing rain, maybe some real rain, but our base is so big that it's not going to kill our terrain. We're trying to just deal with what we're getting...everyone is suffering. The conditions have been beautiful this week...Way Out will be open tomorrow (Friday), I can't wait to hit it in the morning.

As for you, Ted, we're hoping to have a crapload of snow by late Jan! Here's for hoping!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me exactly which lifts are included in the Lower Mountain Lift Ticket of the Beginner Try-Pak?

red said...

I have XM radio, they have ski reports during the day and the report Hunter at 80%. Is that right or bad reporting?

Jessica said...

I have called them to fix that and apparently they have not. Thanks so much for letting me know, I NEED to get this taken care of. Hunter is 39% open!!