Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We've got snowaking! And free lift tickets!

I have a present for all of you. I figured since you can't all be here, that I'd shoot a little video...so here it is.

By the way...want a free lift ticket?


***Make sure to include your name and mailing address. Winners' names WILL BE POSTED in the blog...start writing!

Enjoy!! Look for more info later!


Ted said...

I love Hunter Mountain because it is a guaranteed great time for me and my friends.
I also love Hunter Mountain for the great food and service.
Best of all...the Kaatskill Mountain club is the best ski resort ever!

Jessica said...

Remember, the responses must be e-mailed to jpezak@huntermtn.com and include your full name and mailing address!

Mike E said...

I love Hunter because its friendly.
I love Hunter because its a big mountain.
I love Hunter because its New York

Bobby D said...

I love the great trails on Hunter Mountain.
I am a big fan of Hunter night life.
The Kaatskill Mountain Club is a great place to stay.

Andy P said...

I love Hunter for the great food and service.
Hunter has the best trails ever.
The terrain park and half-pipe are the best around!

Scott A said...

I love Hunter because I am from Boston and the skiing there doesnt compare to Hunter NY!

I also love Hunter because the terrain park is off the hook!

Finally Hunter has the best staff out of all the slopes in NY.

Mitch said...

please make snow on jimmy huega and connect it to hellgate it was extremely icy today :( Terrain park? :( Otherwise, looking pretty good so far on snowmaking keep it up!

kody said...

whats with the trail right next to the terrain park, i dont recall it ever being opened last year (my first year at hunter) i see its labeled as a terrain park trail, so how come you guys never open it?

Anonymous said...

Please make snow on upper and lower k, purna and 44. No need to do any more for the terrian park.

Jessica said...

We didn't blow on the terrain park. No more comments about blowing on slopes vs. terrain park allowed. I've already banned a handful today and I refuse to let that skier vs rider garbage in here. Everyone is treated equally. The west side and expert trails are just as important as the terrain park and snowtubing parks. This is one resort, not a war of hobbies.

Anonymous said...

Nice job by the guys working their butts off to keep snow on any of the trails! What mother nature doesn't give us, the Hunter Mtn snow making crew does. THANKS guys

Anonymous said...

Driving past this morning, on my way to work, I was dissappointed to see the lack of serious snow making. There was no new snow to bee seen on any of the closed trails. It's painfully apparent that Hunter has cut back drastically on it's snow making this year. If they don't blow on challenging trails, we might as well as be skiing in Windham, at least they have a few doubles open. :(