Friday, January 12, 2007

Terrain park's features so far!

Hello hello, the terrain park is open with seven features available:

Medium Hit
Small Hit
40' Rollercoaster
30' Fruit by the Foot Rail
20' Box
15' Mailbox

Click here to download today's park report/diagram, complete with features. Enjoy, and check back soon!


Knuckle Dragger said...

Hey Jessica,
Looks like this next week has some colder weather in store. Do you guys anticipate making snow all week if you can? Looking forward to great conditions, the 8 dollar burger, and some crusty chili mac mountainside. Team Knucks is ready!!!

Jessica said...

Next week is going to be AWE-SOME. We are looking at a lot of cold, and we will definitely be blowing snow like crazy. I'm psyched.

Mitch said...

wow, that flat box is really 20 feet long? feels like 7 lol. Couldnt quite clear the table top/medium hit got pretty close though.. do you know how long that is?

kody said...

yeah the lengths of the boxes/rails surprised me, they all seem a lot shorter. park was nice. connect huega to hellgate pleaseee :)

Mitch said...

Temps around 30ish tonight, any snowmaking forseen?

Jessica said...

Nope. Not until next week.