Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some goodies from Slopestyle!

We have some fun stuff to post today! We are currently holding Catskill Mountain Series Slopestyle up in the terrain we have some photos AND some video...lots of snow, guns on, chairs running and people of all ages rocking out in the terrain park!

Video first:

And some photos, taken by Gary in Grooming...awesome shots! Click on the image for a larger version!

ENJOY! More later, maybe some pics of the lovely new snow in the snowtubing park? Hm...I think so! Rock on guys, and if you're not here this weekend, GET HERE!


Mitch said...

you should make CMS USASA leave those flags by the jumps and rails, they give a professional touch to the park :P Otherwise, looks really good cant wait til monday hope to see some new trails too :)

halley said...

so do comm. directors get anytime on the mountain to ski? likeeee tomorrow?

Frank S. said...

ahhh i can't wait to get up there! my buddy says u guys are really kicking up snow all day. 1 more week im so excited i can't wait.

Jessica said...

Unfortunately comm directors can't ski on weekends! BUT i would love to have lunch with you or something! stop by and say hi

And is 1:16am.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Yet another example of your commitment and dedication to your job. 1:16 AM posting replies on this board, impressive. So you CAN ski on midweek days, like Monday? I am so stoked winds dying down, trails are opening and the white stuff is being blown. Great Job Hunter!!! See y'all tomorrow!!
Smile Huge,

Jessica said...

Hey there! Technically I guess I can ski whenever I'd like, but weekends are not good because there are a lot of people here and a lot of work.

I can and do ski midweek though, maybe I'll hit the slopes with you tomorrow depending on how I am doing with actual work! Beautiful day today, too...