Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Snowmaking Continues!

A little update on the snowmaking! Snowmakers have been working all day to get as many main line trails covered with snow. Right now they are concentrating on all trails that currently have snow, trying to build up the base and patch in the empty spots. They plan on blowing snow through out the night, and by tomorrow morning, we'll have a better grasp on what will be open and what the next step is for possible expansion of snowmaking.

The Mountaineers/Explorers program will reopen tomorrow (Wednesday, January 10th) as well as PlayCare.

More trails will reopen tomorrow, as well as lifts. Check back first thing in the morning to get an updated report on trail openings, lift openings, and snowmaking progress. Jessica is taking a much needed day off, so I will do my best to post whatever information I get through out the day tomorrow!

Until then, think cold, and pray for snow! Have a great night!!!

** A little side note, come by and see our firework show on Saturday, January 13th at 6:00PM as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend!


roman helmet said...

Kudos to you and the Hunter staff...the the slopes look are showing promise. Faja faja faja can you hear meeeee! It looks like a moose is loose on on one of the trails. Keep blowing...and the moose will come. Scabadoobading dong!

schtinky hole said...


I know it's probably not a priority, but are there plans to open the tubing soon (weather permitting)? Do you like chocolate moose?
Thanks for keeping a great blog....it keeps us going while the conditions are improving

Marty Moose said...

This news makes my knuckle tingle!!!Thanks!!!

Jessica said...

Hey guys,

Yeah, we are trying to open the tubing park. Because we just expanded it, we need to have it approved or inspected or something, on top of just opening it, so we are really trying. People love tubing and we definitely want to get it going.

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, and you guys need to quit it with the perverse usernames. I'm really going to have to end up rejecting your comments if you don't censor yourselves at least a little. Show some self control!

Oscar Meyer said...

Awwwwesome pics! Thanks for the updates. Sooooo looking forward to coming up there and falling down your mountains. Great job keeping us posted.

The Grand Pooba said...

Hi Steph & Jess,

Team Mooseknuckle appreciates your sense of humor and will tone it down a bit so that we can all still have fun on your blog. If anyone on the team crosses the line again, I'll strip them of their antlers. WE'RE PSYCHED for the weekend of the 26th!!!