Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More trails and lifts open!! The snowmaking continues and the real stuff is flying!

Well I must say, I couldn't have started my day off better! I woke up to see snow flying and the grounds covered in white!!! Winter is here (at least for the time being!)

A little update on where we are at, we currently have 12 trails open.. in Hunter One we have Centrail Park North, Gramercy Park, and the Learning Zone. We also have Hellgate, 7th Avenue, Kennedy Drive, Fifth Ave, lower Madison Avenue, Mossy Brook, B Flat, and Belt Parkway. We are blowing snow on all the above mentioned trails and 3 additional trails in Hunter One, two trails on the westside, and 3 additional trails on the main line. Lifts A,B, and C are open. Skiing is good for all abilities today.

Weather looks good to blow snow straight through the day, which will allow the possibility of more trails opening through out the day. As I get more information you all will be the first to know!!! So call into work tomorrow, pack up your cars, and come up to Hunter! Conditions are great, we have some natural snow on the ground, and everyone here is in just a bubbly mood!!

See you all on the slopes!

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