Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tomorrow's Terrain

Hello again skiers and riders! I've received a number of phone calls and e-mails today as to what the snow is going to look like tomorrow, so here's the scoop.

Hunter One will be closed until it gets colder (we only planned to open it for the weekend anyway). That said, lessons will not be offered until the area is open again. C-Lift will be closed, and Playcare will be closed until Friday, December 1. Reservations can still be made for Playcare by calling 1-800-HunterMtn x2235.

For now, summit-to-base terrain will be open for advanced/expert skiers only. We are going to hold off on grooming and blowing snow until the cold front comes in at the end of the week. There are variable conditions and by Wednesday, we will probably have summit to F-Lift available, but will close Kennedy.

The cover surrounding the base of F-Lift has melted. This means, in all likelihood, tomorrow skiers and riders will have to remove their skis and boards to get on F-Lift. The Quad will be operating, as usual. No big deal, I promise!

Once again, we are planning to stay open through the week. While we have chosen to wait to blow snow and groom, we believe we have built enough of a cover to maintain at least summit to midstation throughout the week. So, there it is. If you do happen to come during the week, enjoy the open trails, and ski in control to protect yourself and others.

Keep in touch with the most up-to-date weather and conditions by calling the Snow Phone at 1-800-HunterMtn. Snow Phone weather and conditions are updated in the evening and in the early morning if significant changes have occurred overnight. (A few of you called asking about that today).

We've had a fantastic opening weekend here at Hunter, thanks so much for coming out!

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