Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Annapurna or Westway!

Late Saturday evening snowmaking report from Bruce...

If you missed skiing today, it's to bad... let's not miss days like this again! Skiing was awesome, with new trails opening all day... Today we opened Clair's, White Cloud, Upper Xover and Colonel's Alternate.

The future for snowmaking, looking into that crystal snowball, will bring either Annapurna or 44 maybe Sunday or Monday... so look out! Along with those we will be hitting more in the beginners' area, up E-Lift.

So for your Christmas present, I expect to have at least 90-99% of the mountain opened, not only opened but with GREAT SNOW an Conditions.


Tom Heine said...

sounds awesome. let us know when they start blowing on 44!!!!

Erin said...

How about both purna and 44