Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snowmaking Update!!

Bruce sent me a quick snowmaking update today... here it is!

We're busy, so this will be short and quick. Snowmaking is in full force and we will be moving all around the mountain in hopes to have the whole mtn opened up for Christmas. Last night and today we did a bang up job covering things up so on Thursday we will be moving to some new terrain: that will be Clair's, Lower K27, Highlands... those will be our main trails along with the
others. Skiing this weekend and the hollidays will be great with the forecast of cold weather! Manmade powder: come on up and enjoy!


Matthew said...

Highlands? That's a good sign. :D

masterbrew said...

just got back from hunter and you guys rock!!!!!!! great snow and excellent work hunter snowmakers hunter is the best and the best of the best at what they do(snowmaking the freshies). thanks hunter for a great time as usual that why i'll stick with you guys the snowmaking champs of the world. Once again excellent work snowmakers, keep it up and newbies ride hunter!!!!!