Monday, December 07, 2009


Right from the horse's (er... Bruce's) mouth!

Finally it looks like winter has decided to arrive in Hunter, and with this cold weather the snow guns are fired up and covering the trails. Along with the cold weather, we got help with some of that old fashioned natural stuff so we will be building on that.

Right now, the guns are on the main line: Hellgate , Broadway, Kennedy along with the Belt, Minya, Lower Crossover, Off-Broadway. Mossy, Ike, and Hunter One.

There looks to be a slight burp on Tuesday into Wednesday but as of now the guns will be turned on in full force to make up for all that lost time. On Wednesday the roar of the snow guns will be heard from the West Side on Wayout with the plan of moving to Clair's by Saturday.

In the next few days and weeks we will be moving around the mountain quickly to get it opened. With cold weather, you will see the power of our snowmaking and remember that this is why you ski Hunter!

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HunterRider said...

wow.... This opening... Although delayed... Is going to kick ass!

Well done!