Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowmaking Update!

Here we go again!

Starting the guns up once again. Shut down during the day to give a reprieve to the skiers and boarders out there... it was cold and windy enough without us. The east side of the mountain was calm, and like a different part of the country, so we will concentrate tonight on the east side. Making snow on K27, East Side Drive and Milky Way, along with The Cliff and just about everything else that we can. With tomorrow's forecast, it looks like a great day sunshine, warmer temps and the winds dying down... so let's get out here and enjoy.


Leon said...

Web cams... it's great being able to see your web cams so we can see the activity on the mountain. but the Base cam has recently been aimed away from the quad lift-line. and now is looking half way up B-lift not allowing us to see anything. i look at your web cams all the time to see how busy you are. please aim your Base cam back at the quad on-ramp. much more help full info. only a suggestion Thanks

Richard said...

I noticed that, too.

The way it is now, you have no idea if there is a 20 minute wait for the quad. Coincidence?

But then again, it really does not matter. If I'm looking at the web cam, I'm not skiing that day.