Monday, March 12, 2007

Upcoming stuff @ Hunter Mountain!

Our Snowmaking Manager at LocalMotion #6

Yank those liners out of your shells, people, it is going to be a spring skiing week here at Hunter Mountain! It will cool down this weekend, but our customers are enjoying some t-shirt skiing weather today, with temperatures near 50 degrees. If you missed today's LocalMotion, head over to the website to see a few more photos of the best costumes.

We've got a whole bunch of stuff coming we all say too often in Marketing, "check it out!"

Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18 - Roxy Women's Snowcamp - Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities learn new skills and pro tips from High Cascade coaches and world-class Roxy athletes in a super-positive environment. Camp sessions include Roxy goodie bags, chill-out time with Roxy team members, and chances to win the latest goods and gear. Head over to the website for more information >>

Friday, March 23 - King (or Queen) of the Catskills Slopestyle Competition - This first time event combines the best snowboarders from Windham and Hunter Mountains. This event is open to Windham or Hunter pass holders and employees for a winner-take-all snowboard Slopestyle event. So, if you think you are the King or Queen of snowboarding in the Catskills, registration will be from 9-11am on the second floor of the base lodge with the event starting at noon. Read more >>

Sunday, March 25 - Any Mountain Season Passholder Day - On March 25, 2007, Hunter Mountain will accept Season Passes from any ski resort in the world. This also includes midweek season passes and next year's ValuePasses. Just bring your valid 2006-2007 season pass from any other ski area to the Snowsports Services Desk in the Ticket Center for your free lift ticket. Check the info page for more details >>

APRIL 7TH IS PONDSKIMMING DAY, so break out your bathing suits for a crazy day of costumes, spring skiing and unfortunate victims of poor form taking faceplants into the water!

That's all for now...check back for more info!


amanda said...

hi jess
what trail does the pondskimming take place on?
also,do you think the mountain will blow any more snow to prolong the season or will you guys rely on the cover that you have.

Jessica said...

I'm not seeing us blowing snow this season, as we have a huge base and will probably farm snow from other areas to patch up spots that arise.

I have no other info on pondskimming but I'll try to get what I can from Stephanie this week.

David said...

I'm vaguely getting concerned that the season is going to end prematurely. Will the ski conditions really be that good this coming weekend? If you have to "farm" snow, won't you end up with a lot of icy stuff rather than powder?

David Jameson

Jessica said...

Hi there David,

I didn't exactly mean that we will farm snow this weekend or any time soon for that matter. From what I can see, the few bare spots we have are in unimportant areas where there has been a large amount of traffic or jibbing.

The conditions so far look to be good. We will get some rain this week at some point, but by the weekend everything should be dried out and will be regroomed as temperatures drop again. I'm still thinking we are going to get some more powder this season, and have been advised that after this week it is going to cool down considerably.

Keep your head up...the season's not over yet!

StephanieLacey said...

Amanda, and all Pond skimming enthusiasts..

Pond Skimming will be held at the bottom of Lower Broadway. Its in clear view for everyone to see, and it is within walking distance. It is a great day with outdoor music, games, giveaways, and of course, face plants into the ice cold pond! Come check it out!

Anonymous said...

The pondskimming event is something that should not be missed. I have been to several and at the very least you will get a good chuckle out of it. Will April 7 be the last day of the season?

Mitch said...

Whaaaaaaaat 8-16 inches friday-saturday who woulda thought with the temps we had the past week