Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hunter Mountain on CW-11!

Good morning skiers, riders and Hunter Mountain fans! This morning (and tomorrow morning), we have CW-11 (formerly WB-11) filming here as a preview to this weekend's event. Check it out here!

Larry Hoff's Hunter Mountain!

To access the video, click the box next to Hunter Mountain #1 and then hit "Play All Checked." Windows Media Player will load and play the streaming video.

There will be a few more segments coming, so keep checking back! It is a gorgeous day up here at Hunter...there's plenty of time to drop in for some runs!


Hunter Mountain Rentals at Hunter Highlands said...

Great coverage CW-11. Competition should be great! Now, will Larry Hoff do a 360 as he mentioned in the clip?

Jessica said...

I hope so! I hope they show the clip online...tomorrow they are doing the KMC and snowtubing.

Anonymous said...

What about the RAIN!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Yeah, it's horrible here today. I'm not going to lie. Wet granular, hard packed...but you know what? This weekend is going to be amazing and the rain is good for the look on the bright side!