Friday, March 23, 2007

It's a Great Weekend for Group Trips!

To those of you who are looking for some excellent spring skiing, Hunter is the place to be this weekend. We've got tons of snow, and we're looking at a forecast of sun and temps in the high 40°s for the weekend. Our big base is holding up well, and will continue into the weekend... there's not much time left this season, so get here while you can!

We've got 5 bus lines running this weekend. See the list below for further information, and we hope to see you all this weekend!

Scandinavian NYC 212-757-8524
NYCSki NYC 917-692-5222
Blades NYC 212-477-7350
Princeton NYC 212-228-4400
Emilios Brooklyn, Queens, NYC 718-544-0404


Papa Smurf said...

Hey Jessica,
How long will you guys be open? Free skiing in April with Big Lift Card, but how far into April can you guys go?? I'm thinking of getting up there in a week and a half or so, and I know it will be mush, but still looking for a last trip this year. Thanks -Goooooooo Mooseknuckles!!

Jessica said...

Hey there,

There is actually not free skiing in April this year with Big Lift. As I've said, our tentative closing date is April 7, but we may stay open later. We felt the need to set a date to close; however, due to weather unpredictability, we are not sure how long we will be open. Hope that helps.

Big kahuna said...


Given the weather prediction that the temperature would be peaking at 60 deg early next week and gradually cooling and staying steady with a high of around 40 up to the official closing day (hunter weather, not hunter mountain), does it look like the condition would hold up for you guys to stay open longer?

millerm277 said...

The West Side, Lower K and Upper Crossover are all questionable for today, because of ice, or lack of cover?

Jessica said...

The west side has a thinner cover than the front side of the mountain, but I am honestly not sure what is going on with that. 'Purna and Claire's are frozen over, according to my patrol report. They're just hard and icy. Lower K is so steep that it is almost never groomed, so that is definitely a thin cover issue. Lower Crossover is thin and there are a lot of bumps that change shape and composition when the weather warms up.

Hope that helps!

Jessica said...

As for the weather, I've been hearing a lot of different things. At this point I've heard that it's going to stay relatively mild (40's and low 50's), and also that winter may be coming back (though I don't believe that particular forecast). The snow still looks great. The summit got some snow last night, and nighttime temps have dipped enough for grooming and freezing. I'm not sure about the closing date. We've set April 7, but we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens, so please be patient (and we'll try to be, as well!)

Anonymous said...

close the 7th. may 7th.

Jessica said...