Thursday, December 08, 2011


Hellooooo campers!
We would like to let you know that due to recent snowfall and decent nighttime temps for snowmaking, we will be opening on Saturday!

At this point it is looking like we will use the Flyer to up/download for F-Lift, so we will at the very least be open mid- to summit. If we get some really good temps and make a lot of snow, we will obviously open top to bottom. We will do whatever Mother Nature allows, so things may change between now and Saturday in terms of open terrain. We are *hoping* to have Hellgate-Broadway-Kennedy (otherwise known as HBK or Mainline) top-to-bottom open for Sunday, and the nighttime temps look good.

We'll have pricing up on our website tomorrow, and we'll have some info from Bruce as snowmaking continues to spread out. We're also planning on getting a trail open around C-Lift so some Hunter One terrain will be available for Sunday.

Again, terrain availability is based on snowmaking and temperatures, but we will be open on Saturday... you can count on that. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates. And while you're waiting, you can watch the snowmaking video we shot last week:

More info soon.



hey are those the only three trails (Hellgate, Broadway, and Kennedy) that will be open?

Jessica said...

We'll see what the weather brings. Generally yes, we only have one major system open for the first day, then open everything else quickly thereafter.