Friday, February 09, 2007

Video of the Week!

As promised, here is our video of the week! Grooming, halfpipe, The Plaza and snowtubing!

Enjoy! We hope to see you all this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Well, i have been skiing the terrain park for years now and hunter cant make a good half pipe. it is not being cut right. Also i have asked many people that say hunter should open the other side of the terrain park and put rails. And also many people have also commented that hunter should have a rope tow life going up the side of the terrain park. This would get many skiers and snowboarders of the AA, D, and B lift which will make it more enjoyable for tourist and visiters

Mitch said...

So how about you shell out your bank account and make it happen? Hunter is doing the best they can with what they have to work with. The half pipe is perfect right now so get a clue brother. Also i dont know of you have eyes or not... because the majority of people skiing and riding do not go into the terrain park. I heard a rumor that next year there going to be "terrain park passes" which all the proceeds will go to new gadgets in the park... i wouldnt mind.