Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Wonderland today: 10 inches of snow + sunshine!

I am elated to tell you all that THE SUN IS OUT today! We received 10 inches of super ultra uber fluffy snow last night... it's so light and fluffy, it is almost enjoyable to shovel! What could possibly make this better? Two things:

1. The sun is out! We were expecting a cloudy day today, and rightfully so after a snowstorm... nay, my friends, we have received sunshine! and...
2. Another storm is afoot. According to some forecasts we could get a foot or more of snow Tuesday into Wednesday. Of course, it is a bit too soon to be even remotely sure... but there is another storm heading our way.

That's all for this morning! Snow, sun and 27 degrees... perfect right? Tomorrow will be another awesome day here at Hunter Mountain. Stay tuned and we'll keep you informed about the next storm... be sure to sign up for powder alerts at!

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