Monday, January 10, 2011

Another big storm rolling in Tuesday night!!

Well folks, the plow trucks are preparing for another onslaught of snow in Hunter set to drop tomorrow evening! Read some details on Accuweather on the huge storm rolling up the coast... and it could drop up to a foot of snow on the NY metro area on Tuesday evening. What does that mean for the Catskills? Well, we hope that our altitude gives us even more!!

Right now a foot or more could drop Tuesday night into Wednesday. There will be some strong winds, making this storm similar to one of the early season storms we've had here at Hunter. The temperatures will be low... making for surface conditions of utter perfection when this storm rolls through, leaving fresh powder in its wake.

We'll keep you posted as we receive updated forecasts. With multiple drops this season of 10" or more at a time, we're looking forward to one right before the MLK holiday weekend!! Keep checking back!!

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