Monday, November 02, 2009

Updates, updates and more updates.

Hello Hunter skiers, riders and other assorted friends and passers-by! This blog update is going up before the email blast goes out...keep on reading for important news!

Our sales for the 3X and Big Lift Card & BLC+1 were supposed to all end on Sunday...HOWEVER, due to overwhelming interest (to the point of our online shop crashing), we've extended the sale through Friday for Big Lift Cards & BLC+1s. If you have been struggling with our eSki online store, give it another shot, and you shouldn't have any issues. Buy your BLC & BLC+1 here!

I've got some more info, news, photos and such coming soon. Keep checking back, as the blog will be updated nearly every day from now until April! Check back soon for a revamped appearance on the Hunterblog, as well.......:) bye!

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