Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowmaking Update!!

Just got an e-mail from goes!

Only 1 thing to say AMAZING this is by far going to be the best opening day that I can remember after 26 years at Hunter . On Hellgate there are snow piles up to 25 feet deep the groomers will have there work cut out for them the next few days. The Belt is ready to go with amazing amounts also...not like HBK, but will be in great shape.

Now here is the plan for the next few days: starting up Mossy, Minya, Lower Xover, Park Ave, Off Broadway, and in Hunter One/Central Park North, Gramercy Park, and Bucky's Run. Now let's all hope that the weather will hold up...and if it does, we will move this weekend to Wayout, Ike (if not sooner), East Side, Milky Way, and some I may pick out of the hat. If you're thinking about coming up think no longer this is going to be the on not to miss.

Here is what it looks like for the weekend - there may be more or there may be a few I missed.
Hellgate, Broadway, Kennedy, Belt, Battery, 5th Ave, Off Broadway, Park Ave, Mossy, Minya, Lower X-Over, Central Park North, Gramercy Park, Bucky's Run. -Bruce


JiggyD said...

THIS is why I love Hunter!

Way to go guys~!!!

Vick said...

Great job!!! I can't speak for the past 25 years, but from 2002 it IS the best opening!!! Hunter team is the best, and the FIRST! I'm counting hours...

Tom Heine said...

that is so exciting!!! whahoo.,..