Saturday, November 01, 2008

Daylight Savings Special: Big Lift Card sale continues for 24 hours!

Was I supposed to set the clock back last night or tonight? Oh, I don't know - I've always been a little confused about the whole back or forward thing.

So why not extend the sale of the Big Lift Card 'til tomorrow at 12 noon? That's right everyone: THE BEST DEAL IN SKIING & RIDING has been extended for just 24 more hours. It's our way of saying thank you for 50 years of fun.

Don't miss any of our weekend events & parties this year - buy your BIG LIFT CARD now for just $39 and we'll still throw in the free lift ticket!

They also make great holiday and birthday gifts! Don't miss out: continue to eSki to purchase the 2008-09 Big Lift Card!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

- Brian, Director of Marketing


Julien said...

Hi Brian,

A friend just told me you extended the promotion but it looks like I'm a few hours late... Is there a chance I can still benefit from it?


Jessica said...

Hi Julien,

Unfortunately I don't think that we will be able to extend the sale, since it was extended once already. Feel free to call 800-HunterMtn and ask for ticket sales, but I am not sure what they will be able to do for you.


Wee Seong said...

Hi Brian,

I second Julien's comment. Maybe you can consider an "Extended by popular demand" campaign.



Ling said...

Whack, now all you need is the triple peak card, not the tri-peak card.

Anonymous said...

so what does the open date look like now? i see from the web cams we the snow has pretty much melted.

Mitch said...

Hopefully Thanksgiving


Jessica said...

Haha. You know you love that video. Even I can feel it!

Andrew said...

What are the projects that you're working on (as noted in your latest snow report)?

Dre said...

Hey Andrew,

Projects we are working on include the addition of 45 new high efficiency snow guns, including 21 in the park, the installation of a new electric high efficiency compressor, the addition of 2 new conference rooms to the corridor between the base lodge and Copper Tree Restaurant, revamped our cafeteria, and our rental equipment with the addition of Head skis to our lineup.

Those are our many projects going on here!

Hope to see you here for our 50th Anniversary!