Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We are Closed for the Season

Due to the weather forecast for the weekend (over an inch of rain is forecast), Hunter Mountain is now officially closed for the season. We would like to thank all of our guests for a wonderful year!

As winter turns to spring, we're preparing for TAP New York, our annual craft beer festival celebrating New York's finest microbreweries on April 26th & 27th. Check out for more details!

Summer operations begins July 1st with Mountain Biking and our Sky ride. Fly fishing excursions are now in operation through our Orvis retail outlet. The Kaatskill Mountain Club at Hunter and Van Winkle's Restaurant are open as well for a getaway during any season. Look for more information on summer time at Hunter Mountain on our website.


f&tc said...

Not very happy about decision-not one of us left the mountain last weekend thinking that you would close early. Rain was forecast for last Saturday and it did not rain!!The truth is all of us have quite a few more runs to do before we can accept the season to be over!

Greg said...

Not happy either... never heard of a little rain canceling skiing when there's snow on the ground.

But my season is not over yet. I''ll be skiing someplace else for the next few weeks. But I will need to drive all the way up the mountain to grab my equipment from my locker... a little more in advance notice would have been nice!


Jessica said...

It was certainly a last minute decision and we're sorry for any inconvenience, however, with the huge amount of rain we are getting, we believe it's the right decision, and the safe decision.

Have an excellent season if and wherever you choose to ski or ride, and we hope to see everyone back next season, or before!

HunterRider said...

wow - what a drag... My plans have changed all the sudden.. Wish I would've know - I'd have cleared my locker out..

Good thing there's still lifts running in VT.


See ya around the MTN Top...

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the final weekend was rained out. Oh well, there comes a time each year when us ski junkies have to accept that the season is over and it is time for warm weather activities. I guess the time is now.