Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This info is weather permitting, obviously, but wanted to post it due to many questions...Pondskimming will take place on Saturday, April 5!

Registration (limited to 100) - 11am
Start time - between 12:30 and 1pm
One run!
13 and older only - no ski poles permitted.

There may be a band playing, we haven't confirmed anything yet, so check back for more details! Again, this event is weather permitting and may need to be postponed due to cold temps that have remained far into spring!

Beautiful sunny day today, and another one tomorrow, by the way, we hope to see you soon!


a.s said...

Hi. What a great season in HUnter . Hopefully the weekend weather will be great for pondskiing. We `ll be there!

pkyankfan69 said...

The forecast for this Saturday is for rain. Sunday on the other hand looks great, 50 and sunny. Is there a chance that Pond skimming will be pushed back to Sunday? It seems to be the much better day weather wise...

Jessica said...

Sure, there is definitely a chance it will be postponed. The forecast has been too tumultuous and unpredictable as of late, so we'll probably make a decision tomorrow.