Thursday, April 05, 2007

Return of winter cancels Pondskimming!

As some of you may have noticed, it seems that winter has returned to Hunter for awhile. With nighttime lows between 15 and 20 for the next week, and daytime highs of around 30-35, the weekend is looking to be a real flashback.

That said, we have decided that there is no way we can safely hold Pondskimming with such low temperatures. There may be some festivities and giveaways, but Pondskimming is cancelled. Hopefully we'll see you guys this's going be a nice, nippy, snowy weekend!


David Jameson said...

Jessica, can you tell me whether it's worthwhile coming up to ski this weekend? I was thinking of coming up tonight for the long weekend but only if it's going to be reasonable nice, at least in the mornings. I recognize the diehards will go as long as there's ANYTHING slippery to ski on but I want to be comfortable (grin)


Jessica said...

Hi David,

This weekend will be hard packed and frozen granular, assuming temperatures stay as low as they are supposed to be. Right now I am seeing a high of 31, so the snow is safe. Everything is going to be groomed every night -- I would watch out for bare spots that were caused by the rain, but according to grooming, we haven't lost much if any snow. It's going to be a nice weekend. I know I'll be skiing. This awesome winter weather won't be around forever so you should come up and give it a shot.

Anthony said...

Hi Jessica.

Do you have a WAG or (SWAG) of how much snow Hunter is going to get between now and Saturday?


Jessica said...

Hi Anthony,

We're not going to get a substantial amount of snow; we are just going to get cold weather. We've had flurries throughout the day and may have accumulation of 1-2" by the weekend, but we're not sure what's going to happen. The radar maps show lake effect snow above us, but despite the high altitudes we're not going to get anything huge.

RichT said...

Jess, what trails will snowmaking be on?.............LOL!!.... got a love it! Be up tomorrow!!

millerm277 said...

Thanks for opening the west side back up.

big kahuna said...

Are they not grooming as heavily anymore? When I went up in the beginning of the month, it was frozen granular with big craters in the surface. I could take the ice, but those craters were causing concern because negates the advantage of razor sharp edges. Maybe all the trails frozed up and turned to ice before the groomers started working? Anyway, it didn't matter much that time because pretty soon, everything softened up from the temp and we were all doing sand skiing in the Sahara. That was super awesome on its own, like water skiing in killer rough waters.

pat said...

so is pondskimming canceled for this year? thanks