Thursday, April 12, 2007

Re-opening for Friday and Saturday, & NSAA Lifetime Achievement Award!

Hello skiers and riders!

We have just decided to open a day early, on Friday, April 13! We will stay open through Saturday, April 14, so stop by and enjoy a few more days of skiing! Mother nature has been good to us up here, with flurries almost every day and temperatures not exceeding the low 40's, with some additional snow showers in the forecast. We'll have plenty of freshly-groomed snow on Friday and Saturday, so stop by to hit the slopes!

As for pricing, there's a flat rate ticket price of $30 per person, for Friday and Saturday. Midweek season passes will be accepted on Saturday, and Big Lift discounts are available.

With the end of the ski season around the corner, we'd like to announce that this year, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) will be awarding Orville and Izzy Slutzky its annual Lifetime Achievement Award for their endless dedication to Hunter Mountain, and to the entire ski industry. For further information, download the press release here (pdf): Hunter Mountain Founders Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award


Anonymous said...

With a major storm on it's way on Sunday into Monday, with potentials of upwards of 3' will Hunter stay open or re-open for a end of season POW day?

Jessica said...

The forecasts I'm looking at say rain and snow. We're closing this weekend. We don't plan to stay open any longer.

fat dude said...

Awe man, you should open one more week. To close right before tax filing day, I'll be too busy filling my 1040EZ to ski.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of us finding out anything about when the future expansion will happen?(other than real estate), this offseason, or better yet....actually see something happen?

Jessica said...

Well, we're clearing out the offices to build the Pinnacle -- what specifically are you looking for?