Monday, March 19, 2012

Hunter One closed Wednesday-Friday

We're going to close Hunter One for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Intermediate and advanced-level terrain available only on 3/21-3/23.

Weather permitting, we'll reopen Hunter One for the weekend. For intermediate skiers and riders, we've got Belt Parkway.

Enjoy and we'll see you soon! Ski or ride for as low as $22 this week... more info here.


Ling said...

Closed Wed-Fri? And Sat being the last day of the season? Whaaa? I didn't even finish using the tickets on my card, given how warm the season is.

Jessica said...

Hunter *One* was closed Wed-Fri. We've had a fairly reasonable season, open from early December to late March. Plenty of opportunities to use your card.