Monday, October 10, 2011

20,000 Facebook Fans for Free Tickets

I decided recently that it might be awesome (ok, it would definitely be awesome) to enter the 2011/12 ski season with 20,000 Facebook fans. So here's the deal:

If we can amass 20,000 Facebook fans by our opening day, we will give out a FREE LIFT TICKET to one of you EVERY WEEK. We're going to be giving away free stuff ALL SEASON LONG, but we promise we'll give one lucky Facebook fan a free ticket every single week of the 2011/12 ski season. So share with your friends and post up on your page... we've got about a month and a half to get 2,010 more fans!! Can we do it?

If we get to 25,000... maybe we'll up the free lift ticket count. Baby steps... :)

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