Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ooohhh YEAH... new VanWinkle's menu. Photos + info.

On Wednesday night, Steve and I went up to VanWinkle's to check out the new menu. We had heard a lot of buzz and we needed to take some photos of the awesome new items added to the summer menu by new Executive Chef Tim Lang. The menu has been completely reworked, and there is some SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS food.

I posted a ton of photos on the Hunter Mountain Facebook Page, but to give you a quick recap, we received four appetizers, and four entrees. Our appetizers were all new items to the summer menu: sea scallops and watercress, roasted portabella mushroom and goat cheese overlaid with asparagus, a colossal crabcake (it really is colossal) and caprese. All were outrageously delicious... the crabcake was utterly fantastic, and I am not a crabcake person. These are all light, healthy (well... I beg to differ on the crabcake but it's seafood at least!) and fresh.

I will admit that I am a notoriously health conscious eater, and in the past, VanWinkle's offerings had not been my cup of tea. I'd drive off the mountain for light, inventive fare (and vegetarian options) at other regional eateries: New World, Peekamoose, Aromathyme, The Artist's Palate. After eating at VanWinkle's on Wednesday night I can tell you I'll be staying up here! Who needs to drive anywhere when there's watermelon feta salad?!



For entrees, we received the evening's special, red snapper over yellow rice; salmon in orange-ginger glaze; a watermelon feta salad I knew I wanted from the moment I saw it on the menu; and mind-blowing mushroom ravioli. Both fish dishes were delicious, and any time the snapper comes back on the menu... ORDER IT! In the meantime, I suggest you tide yourself over with the mushroom ravioli. Normally a heavier dish soaking in cream sauce, Tim's ravioli has huge chunks of mushrooms, and is coated in a brown butter sauce. Check it out below... the big chunks of mushrooms give it an amazingly meaty texture.


The watermelon feta salad was weird and awesome... not a combination I've ever had before (or thought to combine), dressed with limoncello vinaigrette. Incredible.

Dessert included a ricotta-honey cheesecake (if you're shaky on the texture of ricotta cheese, order it anyway. You will not be disappointed!) as well as the mini tartlet and a Victorian chocolate cup.

Check out the photos, the menu, and then head up there. We've got a new Foursquare special launching tomorrow, so make sure you check in when you get there!! We hope to see you soon... and PLEASE feel free to post your own amazing food shots on our Facebook page! As a devotee of healthy, slow, local and organic, VanWinkle's new menu has some incredible offerings for the pickiest of eaters. Come on up!

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