Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lift Construction: We Didn't Forget!

Hello skiers and riders! For those of you who have been keeping up with the lift construction project, the end is near! The beautiful Kaatskill Flyer is running and operational. Some of you may have seen it in action during our last festival. The quad terminal is down, chairs are up and padded, and load testing was completed!Below are some pictures of the action!

Gates were going up as well...

This is it folks. The countdown to opening day is winding down! Keep it locked here and on Facebook for the latest Hunter Mountain info on opening day!


Tom Heine said...

hi jessica,

i see on the web cams that the guns are out and ready on broadway. that seems like the type of stuff you might want to blog and tell us about.

very exciting for us who can't wait to ski.

do you know when they will start blowing snow?

Jessica said...

We're working on it. We are a little behind. There is a lot going on; I will get a post up later this wk.