Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend weather looks fantastic!

We've had a warm week, and we're finally getting some serious green in our trees and throughout the ridges and tops of the mountains! Saturday shows a high of 71, Sunday will be HOT with a high of 80, which will continue into Memorial Day.

This week, Hunter Mountain employees tried out the Mid-Mountain Tour. We had a blast! The tour is SO much fun even in the hot weather, and the guides are friendly, funny and knowledgeable.

To the right is me (far right) with our Human Resources Director, Myra... not an outdoors-chairlifts-adrenaline-heights-high speed kind of person. Myra spent her time zipping down the 6 lines laughing and shrieking in delight... it was hilarious!! The ziplines are incredibly safe, secure and even people fearful of heights or not into adrenaline-packed sports will have a great time zipping through the woods!

What we've got in the works here is an unbelievable opportunity to enjoy nature, to take time in the trees and laugh with a group of friends and/or family. We hope you all have an absolute hilarious time with the ziplines on our opening weekend... we sure did! Visit for more information!

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