Tuesday, April 06, 2010


What started out twelve years ago with a couple hundred beer fanatics and a handful of craft brewers at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park is now the longest running craft beer and food event in New York State.

We're not talking about big-corporation beer that comes out of huge vats...we're talking about hand-made beer.... not beer that is rushed through the brewing process to get it on the shelf as quickly as possible, but beer with enough personality and genuine taste to be called "craft-brewed".

TAP New York has grown over tenfold through the years to now encompass the entire Base Lodge facilities at Hunter Mountain. Over 30 invited breweries representing over 100 individual beers offer everything from IPAs and lagers to wiesbiers, doppel and trippel bocks, stouts, ales... pretty much any variety you know of, and probably a few that you don't.

We're already up to 29 breweries registered so far for TAP NY 2010 (with some regulars not yet responded). Newcomers to TAP NY like Fire Island Beer Co., Middle Ages Brewery and Empire Brewing Company have now signed on as well.

TAP New York is also about food. Each year we offer plenty to eat and best of all...it's included in the ticket price. The food theme for 2010 is barbecue. Take a look at what's in store!

So join us this April 24th & 25th as we TAP New York at Hunter Mountain in the beautiful northern Catskill Mountains. Hours are 1pm to 5pm Saturday, 12 noon to 4pm Sunday.

Saturday Early Full Admission: $59 if purchased on-line before April 24th
Saturday Designated Driver: $20 ...also $20 at the door, if available
Sunday Early Full Admission: $45 if purchased on-line before April 24th ($50 at the door, if available)
Sunday Designated Driver: $20 ...also $20 at the door, if available
Two-Day Full Admission: $99. There are a very limited number of two-day full admission tickets available. These will not be available at the door.

Need a ride? Jump on these party buses with your fellow beer enthusiasts and stumble up to TAP New York on Sunday!

Urban Sherpa: 917-692-5222
OvrRide: 347-559-1787

That's it everyone. I urge you to call your friends and click on TAP-NY.com or HunterMtn.com to purchase your tickets today! You and your friends at TAP NY is surely one of the best ways to welcome spring!

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