Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain down there, snow up here! 5-7" coming to Hunter!

Well, we have certainly enjoyed the week of sunny, blue skies... but mother nature is back with a vengeance!! Y'all may be getting rain down in the metro area (even as close as the Thruway corridor) but we've got sleet now, and the National Weather Service tells us it'll be changing to snow over night... with a grand total of 5-7" of snow coming to Hunter.

Throughout the day we've received some slushy mix, but the temperature is dropping, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. With temps dropping more over night, we're hoping for some fresh pow pow! It's March, and more snow's coming... we hope to see you! Keep checking back here, and Twitter, and at!! We'll be posting some pics and info as it keeps coming down!!


Brad said...

Sounds good I am on the way alarm set for 5 .

Skier from Jersey

Brad said...

Nice thanks for update looking forward to some March pow pow.