Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hunter Mountain's Big Lift Card On Sale Now!!!

I’ve received many, many e-mails inquiring as to when this card is available, and the answer is RIGHT NOW! Hunter’s greatest value, the Big Lift Card, is on sale now, and available for renewal.

The Big Lift Card provides season-long discounts on lift tickets, offering $15 off weekend/holiday tickets, $21 off midweek tickets, and ½ price tickets on Tuesdays. If the card is purchased by November 1, a free unlimited lift ticket is included!

The Big Lift Card is $39 when purchased online or at select consumer shows, and $49 when purchased at Snowsports Services or Ticket Sales areas at Hunter Mountain. After November 1, the Big Lift Card will be $49 and will not include a free unlimited lift ticket, so get the best deal while you can!!!

Click here to purchase or renew your Big Lift Card >>
Click here for more information on the Big Lift Card >>

Want to renew last year’s Big Lift Card?
· If you are renewing last year's card that you still have in your possession, please enter the last six digits from the card into the purchase form. We will re-load your existing card for you to use again this season.
· If you lost your card or are purchasing one for the first time, we will mail you a new card.

We hope to see you all out on the slopes this season, Big Lift Card or not -- this is the greatest and longest value, so take advantage of it as early as possible...it pays for itself with the free unlimited lift ticket (a $57 value!) Restrictions apply.

Haven't had enough of off-season events?
Coming up this weekend, Microbrew & Wine Festival...
Followed by two weekends of Oktoberfest!


Luis said...

Aww, wish I could have access to Hunter more often than two or three times a season. The card is a good deal!
Hi Jessica =) I've booked my vacation for Hunter January 2nd to 8th, you better still be around by then :P

Jessica said...

I will definitely be around. Drop in and say hello!!!

Halley said...

hey when is the projected opening day if the weather cooperates?

Anonymous said...

Are you guys planning to do the triple peaks card again this year? Thanks!

Jessica said...

Unfortunately no, we will not be continuing the Triple Peaks program.